Please read all guidelines and requirements carefully before you complete this application.

What are Global Mission Teams?

The Salvation Army USA Central Territory offers the opportunity for Salvationists who are 18 or older to serve on one-two week missions experiences through the Global Mission Team program.

The primary purposes of the teams are:

  1. To partner with a receiving country on project or program ministry
  2. To establish a relationship between team members and in-country personnel
  3. To develop awareness of other cultures and The Salvation Army worldwide
  4. To make an impact on the global work of The Salvation Army
  5. To foster personal growth
  6. To encourage consideration of long-term overseas service

Qualifications for Applicants

  • Actively attend a Central Territory Salvation Army corps
  • Must have the endorsement of the Corps Officer and Divisional Headquarters.
  • Visibly demonstrate love for God and compassion for others.
  • Emotional and spiritual maturity
  • Evangelistic zeal and a clear personal witness
  • Tolerant personality / Even temperament
  • Friendliness / Approachability
  • Specific skills / experience in teaching, public speaking, evangelism, gospel arts or construction may be required for certain mission teams.

Please remember to download/print off the Endorsement Form and give it to your corps officer so we can secure required corps and divisional endorsements! Your application will be valid and on-file for one year from the date received.

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