Ends on February 20, 2019

Please read all guidelines and requirements carefully before you complete this application.

What is Summer Mission Team?

Summer Mission Team (SMT) is a leadership development program that invites young people into a deeper relationship with the Lord through participation in a team missions experience.  While the teams minister with The Salvation Army overseas or throughout the Midwest they are given the opportunity to discover God’s plan for all people to be part of His Kingdom.  Summer Mission Team members also benefit from gaining a broader perspective of The Salvation Army.  In 2019 there will be three types of summer teams - overseas teams, a central team, and CAST (Creative Arts Service Team).  All applicants will complete the same application, but those interested in CAST will be required to submit an additional gospel arts skills/experience survey and possibly a video audition.

Qualifications for Applicants

  • Active Salvationist (must own and be willing to wear uniform as assigned)
  • 18-28 years of age
  • Must have the endorsement of the Corps Officer and Divisional Headquarters.
  • Visibly demonstrate love for God and compassion for others.
  • Proven leadership ability. Successful involvement in corps or divisional leadership.
  • Specific skills and experience in teaching, public speaking, children's ministry, evangelism, gospel arts or construction.
  • Evangelistic zeal and a clear personal witness.
  • Knowledge of the Bible
  • Emotional and spiritual maturity
  • Tolerant personality / Even temperament
  • Desire to learn / Teachability
  • Friendliness / Approachability
  • Hands-on ministry and service experience
  • Previous missions experience preferred

Questions?  Contact us!

Phone: 847-294-2108

Email: Missions@usc.salvationarmy.org

Website: centralmissions.org

Facebook: SA World Missions